1. 2021-09-09
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    Shinji Ihara, Yasushi Ebihara, Eiki Mori, and Jörgen Axelvall will participate in the exhibition "Handsome Men They Are" which will be touring to the Museum of Modern Art, Saitama and the Iwami Art Museum, Shimane.

  2. 2021-08-26
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    Mihoko Ogaki will hold a solo exhibition titled "Milky Way—before the beginning–after the end 2021" at Maruki Gallery for the Hiroshima Panels from September 11th (Sat) until October 24th (Sun), 2021.

    This will be Ogaki's first large-scale solo exhibition in Japan, featuring about 70 works, "Milky Way" a series of sculptures of the human body emitting a galaxy of light, "Star Tales" a series of drawings on gampi paper swaying in the wind, and video work.

  3. 2021-08-19
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    KEN NAKAHASHI pleased to announce one's signal—latter period, to be held from August 25th (Wed) until September 26t (Sun), 2021.



    • Shinji Ihara
    • Youngso No (immeasurable)
    • Erik Swars
    • Yuto Kasai
    • Yuki Harada
  4. 2021-07-30
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    And I reminisce, a solo exhibition by Jörgen Axelvall will be held at Bookmarc Tokyo from July 30th (Fri) until August 18th (Wed), 2021.

  5. 2021-06-11
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    Hands—from another perspective, a special exhibition of Sato Masaharu will be held from June 21st until August 29th, 2021 at ROPPONGI TSUTAYA BOOKS.

  6. 2021-05-19
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    Masaharu Sato’s catalogue raisonné titled Sato Masaharu Trace—Absence of Presence/Presence of Absence was released on May 19th.

  7. 2021-05-18
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    "Compassionate Grounds: Ten Years on in Tohoku", an exhibition curated by Emily Wakeling, to be held at at Composite, Collingwood Arts Precinct, Melbourne, and Metro Arts, Brisbane. Masaharu Sato's "Calling" is also comprised in this exhibition at Composite.

    Curated as a continuation of research in Japanese contemporary art, conducted from afar, Compassionate Grounds: Ten Years on in Tōhoku is an exhibition of screen-based works by several artists who, observing from a distance or working directly with survivors, focus on landscape as an expression for the social traumas still reverberating among the region’s survivors.

    (Quoted from the essay published on

  8. 2021-04-30
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    Garden—to fill in the spaces, a solo exhibition by Yasushi Ebihara will be held from May 21st (Fri) until June 20th (Sun), 2021.

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  9. 2021-03-31
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    Masaharu Sato's works are being exhibited in (Online Exhibition) 11 Stories of Distanced Relationship: Contemporary Art from Japan, organized by The Japan Foundation, from March 30th until May 5th, 2021.

  10. 2021-03-29
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    Sato Masaharu Trace—Absence of Presence/Presence of Absence, a retrospective exhibition of Masaharu Sato will be held from May 15th until June 27th, 2021 at Oita Prefectural Art Museum.


  11. 2021-02-13
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    Love Your Neighbor 2021, a solo exhibition by Shinji Ihara will be held from March 3rd (Wed) until April 18th (Sun), 2021.

    Details will follow shortly.

  12. 2020-12-03
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    In the Honest Word of Love, a solo exhibition Mariko Matsushita will be held from December 18th (Fri) until December 30th (Wed), 2020, at GINZA TSUTAYA BOOKS.

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