KEN NAKAHASHI is pleased to present If This Then That, by Yuto Kasai, his second solo show, the previous in 2015.

Kasai was born in 1988 in Aomori Prefecture, lives in Hirosaki City. Artist.

Kasai started photography at around age 15. After working as an architect, he received the Grand Prize at the 9th Photography 1_WALL in 2013.

Kasai’s work is concerned with sexuality, exploring time and distance, memory, psychology, and human contact/relationship in correlation with cities and people.

In recent years, he has expanded his field, working on themes such as the relationship between principles/functions of photography and temporality.

His major solo shows include Multiple #1_#2 (matchobaco [now KEN NAKAHASHI], 2015), Sail to the Moon (Guardian Garden, 2014).

Statement by Artist

Recently, vertical format seems more common. 

Perhaps this is due to smartphone snaps.

Regardless of the consequence of taking photos, behavioral patterns reluctantly accept other’s requests.

Groups of reinforced concrete constructions exist. 

They are square, inorganic, socially arranged division of space that has adapted to modern economic rationality.

If everything is where it should be, and form follows function, can possible phenomenon have meanings?

I decided to embrace vertical photograph.

Yuto Kasai


  • Yuto Kasai "If This Then That"
  • August 19 (Fri)–September 11 (Sun), 2022
  • 11:00-19:00 (Until 17:00 on Saturdays, Sundays)
  • Closed: Mondays, Tuesdays

The materials distributed at the venue can be downloaded from the following links

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If This Then That
If This Then That
If This Then That
If This Then That
If This Then That
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