1. 2022-10-30
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    KEN NAKAHASHI will participate in Art Week Tokyo.

    • Art Week Tokyo
    • Dates: Nov 3 (Thu.) – 6 (Sun.), 2022
    • Venue: Museums and galleries in Tokyo 51 Facilities, Information Center / AWT BAR

    Art Week Tokyo is an annual showcase of the creativity and diversity of contemporary art in Tokyo, connecting over 50 of the city's leading museums, galleries, and art spaces through for days of coordinated programming.

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    To go to KEN NAKAHASHI, please get off at bus stop "F2" on route F.

    Download the official AWT PASS app

    *For inquiries about AWT during the exhibition, please contact the information Center

    Address: emergence, 5-4-30 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, aoyamacomplex 1F mosaic (Nearest bus stop: B4, F4)

  2. 2022-10-21
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    • Period: November 2 (Wednesday) – 27 (Sunday), 2022
    • Organized by KEN NAKAHASHI
    • In Collaboration with Galerie Jochen Hempel

    KEN NAKAHASHI, in collaboration with Galerie Jochen Hempel (Leipzig), presents an exhibition with works by Imi Knoebel and Erik Swars.

    For more information

  3. 2022-10-12
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    Milky Way—a wave of humanity, a solo exhibition by Mihoko Ogaki will be held from October 22 (Sat.) until November 20 (Sun.), 20222, at kenakian, a contemporary art project space in Saga.

  4. 2022-08-20
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    Mihoko Ogaki will participate in the exhibition "Galactic Railroad: Kunst zwischen Japan und Deutschland", at The Japan Foundation Köln, to be held from September 2 until December 18, 2022.

  5. 2022-08-12
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    Shadowing, a solo exhibition by Yuki Harada will be held from August 16 (Tue) until September 10 (Sat), 2022 at THE POOL.

  6. 2022-07-28
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    If This Then That, a solo exhibition by Yuto Kasai will be held at KEN NAKAHASHI from August 19th (Fri) until September 11th (Sun), 2022.

  7. 2022-07-02
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    Mihoko Ogaki will participate in Sado Island Galaxy Art Festival Project 2022 from August 7 to October 9.


  8. 2022-06-08
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    Eiki Mori's Book Box Die-in Tulips exhibition will be held at NADiff a/p/a/r/t to celebrate the second anniversary of the publication of Letter to My Son.

  9. 2022-06-08
    Thumbnail zero gravity einladungskarte web

    Mihoko Ogaki will participate in the exhibition ZERO GRAVITY, at Raum für Kunst, to be held from June 10 until 25, 2022.

  10. 2022-05-09
    Thumbnail 220509 colors

    Ebihara Yasushi's solo exhibition "Colors" will be held at "Hoshio" in Shinjuku from May 13

    *One drink order (evening) or one curry order (lunch) is required.

  11. 2022-03-22
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    Mihoko Ogaki will participate in the exhibition Galactic Railroad. Art between Japan and Germany, at Emsdettener Kunstverein, to be held from March 27th (Sun) until May 1st (Sun), 2022.

  12. 2022-01-28
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    OGAKI Mihoko Works

    • First published December 15th, 2021
    • Text: Yukinori Okamura, Kenichi Nakahashi
    • Designer: Shuji Sugihara
    • Translator: Christopher Stephens, Joel Kunieda, Shigenari Matsumoto
    • Printing and Binding: SunM Color Co., Ltd.
    • With the Cooperation of: KEN NAKAHASHI
    • Published by: UZU
    • Price: 3,960 JPY (Tax-in)