1. 2017-07-02
    Thumbnail erik news

    Erik Swars is participating a group exhibition at Galerie Kleindienst (Leipzig).

    “Künstler der Galerie”

    22.06.2017 – 22.07.2017

  2. 2017-06-26
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    A talk show by Mariko Matsushita was held at the 2017 Autumn/Winter Collection of “pays des fées” on June 25, at Nishiazabu BULLET’s Tokyo.

  3. 2017-06-16
  4. 2017-05-12
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    “N’SYNCH” is a video art lecture and discussion series by the curation of Stephen Sarrazin, at KEN NAKAHASHI.

    Stephen Sarrazin is a film and moving image professor, critic and curator working in Tokyo and Paris. Video artists and their works will be introduced in relation to Ebihara’s works, to conclude the exhibition. The video works discussed here address interrupted events; off-screen aging, embrace of illusion, and attempt representations of parting with youth.

  5. 2017-04-03
    Thumbnail nsynch 3

    Videos by Stan Brakhage, Dominique Belloir, Peter Greenawat and Pascal Lievre
    Mihoko Ogaki: Threshold

    A series of video and media art programs at KEN NAKAHASHI, curated and presented by Stephen Sarrazin.

  6. 2017-03-02

    We have received notice of the sudden loss of Ren Hang, on the night of February 24th, 2017.

    We pray from the depth of our hearts for the loss of a great artist, photographer, and our beloved friend.

    Together with Ren Hang Studio of Beijing, KEN NAKAHASHI remains committed to delivering his work and message to the world.

  7. 2017-03-01
    Thumbnail sabrina news

    Sabrina Horak was awarded an honourable mention on the 9th annual “Kouji Kinutani” awards, hosted by the Mainichi Newspapers to encourage emerging abstract artists.

    Horak attained a degree with a doctoral thesis in oil paintings at Tokyo University of the Arts, and has had two solo exhibitions at KEN NAKAHASHI. Works from her second solo show, “One Perfect Moment” held March 2016, and her doctors’ exhibition contributed to the award.

  8. 2017-02-17
    Thumbnail erik cover

    Artist: Erik Swars, Tobias Jacob, Christian Herzig
    Period: February 23 – March 18, 2017
    Opening: Thursday, 23.02.2017, 8pm
    Galerie Kleindienst, Spinnerei Leipzig

  9. 2017-02-17
    Thumbnail nsync 2

    N’SYNCH #2: Frail Armor
    Videos by Robert Cahen and Mihai Grecu
    Erik Swars “suji”

    A series of video and media art programs at KEN NAKAHASHI, curated and presented by Stephen Sarrazin.

  10. 2017-02-10
    Thumbnail kuta news

    Kuta Takashima who received an Excellence Award (Selected by Hiraki Sawa) in Canon New Cosmos of Photography 2016, and has been selected by Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts as part of its “Young Portfolio” in 2014 and in 2016; his works will be exhibited in Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts in Yamanashi from March 18 - June 18, 2017.


  11. 2017-01-01
    Thumbnail nsynch 1

    N’ SYNCH: A series of video and media art programs at KEN NAKAHASHI, curated and presented by Stephen Sarrazin.

    KEN NAKAHASHI has conceived exhibitions by artists working with painting, photography, sculpture. The space is about synergy, between ideas and mediums who engage in a dialogue between the works and with the audience. A dialogue about concept, theme, technique.

    Video and media art also take part in this discussion. Starting on January 7th 2017, the gallery will host a series of screenings that will close exhibitions. Each screening will connect with the theme of the exhibition.

  12. 2016-11-23