1. 2020-01-24
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    KEN NAKAHASHI is pleased to announce Trace—presence of absence / absence of presence, a duo exhibition by Mihoko Ogaki and Masaharu Sato, to be held from March 13 (Fri) util April 11 (Sat), 2020.

    Details will follow shortly

  2. 2020-01-22
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    Erik Swars exhibits his works in a group exhibition Netz Werke at Galerie Crone in Vienna.

    • Period: January 16 - March 7, 2020
    • Venue: Galerie Crone, Vienna
  3. 2020-01-17
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    KEN NAKAHASHI will present And I reminisce, a solo exhibition by Jörgen Axelvall, from January 25 (Sat) until February 6 (Thu) 2020, at node hotel in Kyoto.

    • Title: And I reminisce
    • Artist: Jörgen Axelvall
    • Period: January 25 (Sat) - February 6 (Thu), 2020
    • Venue: node hotel (461, Toroyama-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8225)
    • Opening reception: January 25 (Sa), 19:00 - 23:00
    • Cooperation: Vranken Pommery Japan

  4. 2020-01-15
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    A talk event titled Masaharu Sato Trace, will be held on January 18 (Sat) 16:00 - 17:30, at the event space of the National Art Center, Tokyo.

    Satoru Aoyama (MIZUMA ART Gallery), Masaharu Sato's friend and artist will talk with Sakiko Kito, curator of Tokyo Art and Space (TOKAS Hongo), who deeply involved with Masaharu Sato for the exhibition Artists Contemporary TOKAS Vol.1—First Lingering Mist of Spring, where Sato's Fukushima Trace, was first exhibited.

  5. 2020-01-11
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    Erik Swars is holding his solo exhibition "dia", at archivmassiv spinnerei in Leipzig, from January 11 until March 28, 2020.

  6. 2019-12-18
    Thumbnail shinji ihara phillipp pencil on envelop 24   20.5 cm 2019

    KEN NAKAHASHI presents one's behavior, a group exhibition by Shinji Ihara, Mariko Matsushita, Eiki Mori and Jörgen Axelvall, from January 14 (Tue) until February 29 (Sat), 2020.

    Details will follow shortly.

    Image: Phillipp Pencil on envelop 24 × 20.5 cm 2019 © Shinji Ihara

  7. 2019-12-18
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    Masaharu Sato's video works will be exhibited at an exhibition 22nd DOMANI: The Art of Tomorrow 2020

    Contemporary Japanese Artists from the Overseas Study Program of the Agency for Cultural Affairs

    • Period: January 11 - February 16, 2020
    • Venue: The National Art Center, Tokyo

  8. 2019-12-17
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    another me, a solo exhibition by Yasushi Ebihara, at Wada Fine Arts, to be held from December 6 until December 26, 2019.

    for more details, please visit Wada Fine Arts' website

  9. 2019-11-29
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    Masaharu Sato's works will be exhibited at Yokohama Triennale "Afterglow", to be held from July 3 until October 11, 2020.

    For more details

  10. 2019-11-27
  11. 2019-11-26
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    Ren Hang’s works are being exhibited, at “Spectrosynthesis II – Exposure of Tolerance : LGBTQ in Southeast Asia”, presented by Sunpride Foundation and BACC (Bangkok Art and Culture Centre).

  12. 2019-10-29
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    Yuki Harada received Eriko Kimura Prize, nominated as Jury Selection by Open Call for ART PROJECT IDEAS 2019, and his 《A Mountain of Images (Collected Materials)》 will be exhibited at Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art from November 2 until November 17.