1. 2023-06-01
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    • Period: June 6 (Tuesday) – July 15 (Saturday), 2023
    • In Cooperation with: imura art gallery, Mihoko Ogaki

    KEN NAKAHASHI presents Hands, a solo exhibition by Yasushi Ebihara.

  2. 2023-05-02
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    Eiki Mori will participate in the exhibition The Constitution of JAPAN, to be held from April 22 until June 11, 2023.

    The Constitution of JAPAN

    • Period: April 22 (Sat)–June 11(Sun), 2023
    • Venue: MUJIN-TO production, Aoyama Meguro, Junkudo Bookstore Ikebukuro 5th floor

    Along with "Article 24.2," which stipulates freedom and equality in family relations, Die-in Tulips (2020), a drawing work on acrylic panels depicting people lying on the street in protest (Die-in) as tulips, will be exhibited. At Aoyama Meguro, a photographic work from the Family Regained series will be exhibited, which questions what a family is, along with "Article 24, Paragraph 1," which stipulates marriage.

  3. 2023-03-17
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    A 33-hour video work Waiting for by Yuki Harada is on view at the entrance of KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre.


    • KAAT Atrium Video Project | Yuki Harada
    • March 15 (Wed)–June 10 (Sat), 2023
    • Open every day during the period, 10:00-18:00 ※Screening until the end of the performance on days when there are evening events.
    • Free admission
    • URL:
  4. 2023-03-08
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    Yuki Harada will participate in 100 WINDOWS organized by TOKYO PHOTOGRAPHIC RESEARCH from March 17 (Fri) to March 31 (Fri), 2023.

    100 WINDOWS

    • Dates: March 17 (Fri) - March 31 (Fri), 2023 *Landmark Installation ends March 26 (Sun)
    • Venue: Marunouchi, Yurakucho, Nihonbashi, Ginza, Shibuya, Harajuku and Haneda (Landmark Installation of large LED screens, digital signage, outdoor advertising, etc.)
    • Details(Only in Japanese)

    [Related Program]

    • Group exhibition archiving as progressive vol.2
    • Dates: March 9 (Thu) - March 31 (Fri)
    • Venue: Yurakucho YAU STUDIO
    • Harada will publicize his new video work One Million Seeings filmed in the Yurakucho Building, which is the venue for the exhibition and is scheduled to be reconstructed.
  5. 2022-12-23
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    Yasushi Ebihara will participate in the exhibition ACT (Artists Contemporary TOKAS) Vol. 5 "Ungraspable", to be held at from February 11 (Sat) until March 26 (Sun), 2023, at the Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo.

  6. 2022-11-16
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    We published Yuki Harada's archival booklet Waiting for.

    Waiting for


    • Writer: Yuki Harada, Ayumi Ikeda, Hiroki Yamamoto
    • Translator: James Koetting (p.8), Pamela Miki Associate (p.110)
    • English Proofreading: Andreas Stuhlmann (pp.12-15)
    • Design: Toru Kase
    • Published in October 2022 by KEN NAKAHASHI

    Photo: Katsura Muramatsu

  7. 2022-11-09
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    Yuki Harada participates in Gangneung International Art Festival 2022.

    Painting to Be Shown to the Lake (Daubigny's Garden), a new work by Yuki Harada created in the summer 2022, in Gangneung is on view.

    Gangneung International Art Festival 2022

  8. 2022-10-30
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    KEN NAKAHASHI will participate in Art Week Tokyo.

    • Art Week Tokyo
    • Dates: Nov 3 (Thu.) – 6 (Sun.), 2022
    • Venue: Museums and galleries in Tokyo 51 Facilities, Information Center / AWT BAR

    Art Week Tokyo is an annual showcase of the creativity and diversity of contemporary art in Tokyo, connecting over 50 of the city's leading museums, galleries, and art spaces through for days of coordinated programming.

    Get the free AWT PASS app for unprecedented access to one of the world's most dynamic art scenes.

    To go to KEN NAKAHASHI, please get off at bus stop "F2" on route F.

    Download the official AWT PASS app

    *For inquiries about AWT during the exhibition, please contact the information Center

    Address: emergence, 5-4-30 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, aoyamacomplex 1F mosaic (Nearest bus stop: B4, F4)

  9. 2022-10-21
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    • Period: November 2 (Wednesday) – 27 (Sunday), 2022
    • Organized by KEN NAKAHASHI
    • In Collaboration with Galerie Jochen Hempel

    KEN NAKAHASHI, in collaboration with Galerie Jochen Hempel (Leipzig), presents an exhibition with works by Imi Knoebel and Erik Swars.

    For more information

  10. 2022-10-12
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    Milky Way—a wave of humanity, a solo exhibition by Mihoko Ogaki will be held from October 22 (Sat.) until November 20 (Sun.), 20222, at kenakian, a contemporary art project space in Saga.

  11. 2022-08-20
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    Mihoko Ogaki will participate in the exhibition "Galactic Railroad: Kunst zwischen Japan und Deutschland", at The Japan Foundation Köln, to be held from September 2 until December 18, 2022.

  12. 2022-08-12
    Thumbnail the pool %e5%8e%9f%e7%94%b0%e8%a3%95%e8%a6%8f shadowing

    Shadowing, a solo exhibition by Yuki Harada will be held from August 16 (Tue) until September 10 (Sat), 2022 at THE POOL.