Eiki Mori "The Constitution of JAPAN" MUJIN-TO production, Aoyama Meguro

Eiki Mori will participate in the exhibition The Constitution of JAPAN, to be held from April 22 until June 11, 2023.

The Constitution of JAPAN

  • Period: April 22 (Sat)–June 11(Sun), 2023
  • Venue: MUJIN-TO production, Aoyama Meguro, Junkudo Bookstore Ikebukuro 5th floor

Along with "Article 24.2," which stipulates freedom and equality in family relations, Die-in Tulips (2020), a drawing work on acrylic panels depicting people lying on the street in protest (Die-in) as tulips, will be exhibited. At Aoyama Meguro, a photographic work from the Family Regained series will be exhibited, which questions what a family is, along with "Article 24, Paragraph 1," which stipulates marriage.