Erik Swars

Upcoming Exhibition

© Erik Swars
2019-06-07   until   2019-07-06

Menschen wie Raeume by Erik Swars

KEN NAKAHASHI is pleased to present Menschen wie Raeume, a solo exhibition by Erik Swars, to be held from June 7 (Fri) until July 6 (Sat), 2019.

Erik Swars is an artist whose work focuses on moments of Prägung (behavior of imprinting). He is working with different materials and medias, from using Alu-Pe (aluminum sheet) for his paintings and found footage for his videos, and using glas, steel and wood for the installations. Adopting his archive of analog photography, he’s masking the surface of his paintings on one hand and is creating aural space on the other.

The exhibitions are displaying objects, also paintings in the meaning as an object which comments to each other. Fragments to produce a confrontation to the visitor, by focusing on a circle of meaning, without showing ‘the iconic work’. It’s more like moments of happenings he’s constructing to one space, with relationships to himself and the surrounding.


locked door, closed windows. she’s gone, he’s gone. connectivity. offline. open window. to look inside. to see you. like to watch you, like to discover me. it’s not about your garden, not your lobby. take a walk. a,b . 

-Erik Swars

Photo credit: © Erik Swars, Courtesy of KEN NAKAHASHI (Exhibition view at Galerie Kleindienst, Photography by Uwe Walter)

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