Erik Swars “Adyton”

Exhibition period: 2014.05.31(sat)-07.26(sat)

Erik Swars was born 1988 in Eastern Germany. His parents are engineers, still unmarried. He grew up in Leipzig, till his parents decided to get back to his small hometown, where he had his first creative expressional contact with graffiti artists. But after a short while he recognized, that this monosyllabically expression is not enough for him.

Erik Swars started his first painting. At first try he came into the class of Jochen Plogsties at the evening academy of the HGB Leipzig. Mr. Plogsties showed him the space of paintings and confronted him with his work.

Today Erik Swars study painting at Kunsthochschule Halle (Saale) Burg Giebichenstein and was an exchange student at Tokyo Geidai University Of The Fine Arts(09.2013-02.2014).

His topics ranging in the border area - phenomenon’s, degeneration, decisions, fail, fortune, authority, power and criticism. The painting poses questions to the viewer - the doors are locked, the keys are hidden or given away, aesthetics of the ill-favoured, confronted with the cliché of kitsch.

Erik Swars is a painter
- his paintings are thoughts
not stories.

Vernissage/opening event: 2014.05.31(sat) 19:00- Including Skype call with Erik Swars in Germany and The guests at matchbco.

For this exhibition Erik Swars will be in Tokyo from July 16th. Reception Party // 2014.07.19 (sat) 19:00-

The Artist

Erik Swars

Erik Swars studied under Jochen Plogsties in Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle and graduated in 2016. He also studied from O JUN in Tokyo National University of the Arts from 2013 until 2014. He first were working the geometric landscape full of screen with vivid colors, reminiscent of the surrealism and metaphysical paintings such as New Leipzig School or Giorgio de Chirico. In the process of continuing production with his master Jochen Plogsties, in recent years his works have been becoming more minimalistic like Suiboku-ga style. “Painting capturing the moment” could be said as his work, on the multiple-layered surface made with gesso and opaque watercolor gouache supporting the various expression struck with dark blue oil painting, not to dare to paint until he is satisfied in painting his subconscious thoughts, to leave the instinctual strokes of the brush unchanged, the strength sharpen and soften and the dryness of the brush. Swars uses the image sources that he finds on a catalog of the old master paintings, or the images on the Internet. He avoids the distinct frontal nature, he draw out a spread image that leads the viewpoint in various directions.