“Which is more abstract; a mushroom or your smartphone?“

Erik Swars

matchbaco is very pleased to announce that “ICH”, the second solo exhibition by Leipzig, Germany based artist Erik Swars, is to be held from September 4th, 2015.

Swars, whose studio is located in Spinnerei Leipzig, a former spinning factory now known as a source of contemporary art, is a young rising painter of the Post New Leipzig School.

The exhibition title “ICH”, meaning “I” in German, reflects Swars’ quest for the “existence of myself”.

Swars’ work confronts themes such as “the relationship between national and governmental authority and the private individual” and “the connection between humanity and nature” through abstract works of geometric configurations. He works in a variety of genres; as well as large-scale oil paintings with wood broad, flowing strokes, he also works in lino prints and sculptures.

In recent years, influenced by his study of technological change and globalisation, Swars has explored the potential for expanding classical aesthetic paintings by using materials such as lenticular lenses, which change the picture depending upon the angle from which they are viewed.

This exhibition comprises his latest works, lenticular lens 3D prints (the original painting was destroyed by fire), along with his most recent paintings and drawings, which are tinged with figurative themes.

The artist will be present for the exhibition, and an introduction and description of the works by the artist will be held at the opening reception.

The Artist

Erik Swars

Erik Swars studied under Jochen Plogsties in Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle and graduated in 2016. He also studied from O JUN in Tokyo National University of the Arts from 2013 until 2014. He first were working the geometric landscape full of screen with vivid colors, reminiscent of the surrealism and metaphysical paintings such as New Leipzig School or Giorgio de Chirico. In the process of continuing production with his master Jochen Plogsties, in recent years his works have been becoming more minimalistic like Suiboku-ga style. “Painting capturing the moment” could be said as his work, on the multiple-layered surface made with gesso and opaque watercolor gouache supporting the various expression struck with dark blue oil painting, not to dare to paint until he is satisfied in painting his subconscious thoughts, to leave the instinctual strokes of the brush unchanged, the strength sharpen and soften and the dryness of the brush. Swars uses the image sources that he finds on a catalog of the old master paintings, or the images on the Internet. He avoids the distinct frontal nature, he draw out a spread image that leads the viewpoint in various directions.