Yuki Harada

Yuki Harada

  • 1989 Born in Yamaguchi
  • 2013 Bachelor, Musashino Art University
  • 2016 Master, Tokyo University of the Arts
  • 2021 Fellow, Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists

Yuki Harada produces works that take as their motif elements of visual culture which have won widespread recognition in society in spite of their insignificance.

He has been continually residing in Hawaii since 2019, and is now focusing on cultural motifs of a transnational nature, as exemplified by pidgin English.


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  • Insignificant Arts, Kenele Books, 2023
  • Artwork, Kohkoku [Advertising] Vol.414, Hakuhodo, Tokyo, 2020
  • Essays on works and reception of Lassen in Japan, Film Art, Tokyo, 2013