Eiki Mori


Born in 1976, Ishikawa Japan. Graduated from The Photography Dept., Parsons The New School for Design in 2011. He won the 39th Kimura Ihei Award in 2014 for intimacy. Currently lives in Tokyo.

Eiki Mori is a Tokyo-based artist, known for his photography exploring themes about ‘same-sex marriage,’ diversifying ‘family forms,’ and ‘gender identities,’ through putting himself in a fictitious situation amongst his lover and friends in front of the camera. The concentration on this theme implies retrieving and connecting those who live together, a microcosmos of the social community in diversified forms and sexualities. For his practice, he uses multiple medias such as photography, videos, performance, and text.


In the series intimacy, Eiki Mori photograph his partner for over an year since they have met, resulting in a dialectic photo book of 264 pages. In 2013, he received the most prestigious Kimura Ihei Award for this series.

Family Regained

Family Regained is an observation of the family, a sociological performance that sublimes the visual art medium, and an aesthetical or political aim to spread a visualized and acknowledgeable image. This series relies on self shot portraits taken over 3 years, picturing himself with friends and their families at their places and yards using a self-timer, and performance videos as an exploration of insight into today’s idea of ‘a family,’ documenting a fictional family’s memories composed of a man, a boy, and Mori himself, strolling around the city of Tokyo. Filtered through the fundamental color of blood, a red scenery arises apart from its surrounding society, as if it is an act from a theatre.

selected works


  • Family Regained, Nanarokusha Publishing, Japan, 2017
  • Intimacy, Nanarokusha, Japan, 2013
  • tokyo boy alone, Revolution Star Publishing and Creation, Taiwan, 2011
  • CROWS AND PEARLS, Edition Nord. Japan, 2009