The photo exhibition is a realization of Kuta’s feeling. "I lead me to self-recognition by utilizing Zawatsuki, a highly purified and sophisticated indicator". The exhibition will show his latest works with new expression. Artist Statement ---------------- Not being able to find the certainty of existence of the world. Without consciousness of self, detached with infirmity and anxiety. There are moments I am immune to those sensations, I call those moment “Zawatsuki”. I am sometimes shrouded in Zawatsuki. Regardless of the situation and out of the blue. To recognize these moments, and to get as close as possible to it’s essence. I accumulate these moments using photography as a means. These moments fading away lead to the confrontation between the inside and outside. To complete this puzzle in the realm of spiritual, I continue to photograph. And furthermore, if any one of my photographs could enter and come to life in someone’s spiritual realm, it will also allow me a clue to my self-awareness. However there will never be completion. This is why I continue to photograph. _- Kuta TAKASHIMA_