KEN NAKAHASHI is honoured to announce “One Cup, La Petite Tasse”, a group show curated by Stephen Sarrazin, to be held from August 4th(Fri) until August 26th(Sat), 2017.

Visual art mediums, from painting and photography to cinema and media, historically pushed the limits of what was allowed in representation. They introduced themes of eroticism, of the forbidden, and transgressions. And through groundbreaking works, from Fragonard to Picasso, Man Ray to Robert Mapplethorpe, Bernardo Bertolucci to Harmony Korinne, sexuality was revealed and made audiences more aware and more sophisticated. 

They were also acts of courage by the artists who challenged social rules and values.

Nowadays, the Internet promises to provide almost anything, and Art cannot keep up with the amount of images made around the world.

As it is, such consumable sexual images do not have the lasting power, or the historical significance of art works that continue to impress us today: from Picasso’s masterpiece “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” to Harmony Korine’s “Spring Breakers" portraying 4 masked college girls in bikinis, all powerful 'bad girls', from hookers to thieves.

The group show “One Cup, La Petite Tasse" asks whether or not contemporary artists are still able today to reflect on what is gender realism and post-eroticism in the 21st century, and create works that move beyond provocation, revelation and transgression. This is a contemporary challenge made to the artists included in the show.

This show will represent artists who work with various mediums, including painting, photography and video, include emerging, mid-career, and established artists from Thailand, Europe and North America.

The title of this group exhibition “One Cup, La Petite Tasse”, refers to the access to images of what was once forbidden is now a touch away, as is the “mystery” of sake, available in machines.

French philosopher Georges Batailles worded orgasm as a "small death," and "La Petite Tasse” (in french, small cup, and all receptacles of pleasure) as the pleasure of eroticism.

How much desire can “a little cup / a little death” contain, when defining the term already makes it spill over, when the medium is a receptacle.

The viewers' will be lead to question the possibilities of modern art.

Participating Artists:

  • Cendrillon Belanger (France-Canada)
  • Clarisse Robin (France)
  • Cremance(Mexico)
  • Daria G. Pascalis (France-Italy)
  • Léa Le Bricomte (France)
  • Pascal Lièvre (France)
  • Sarisa Dhammalangka (Thailand)
  • Shelly Silver (USA)
  • Soukaina Joual (Morocco)
  • Stephen Lack (Canada-USA)
  • Tom de Pékin (France)
  • Travis Klose (USA)

Exhibiting Artists

Cendrillon Bélanger


Born 1972 in Montreal and moved to Paris in 1990. She studied sculpture and multimedia at L’Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris with Tony Brown and Jean-Luc Vilmouth.

For almost twenty years, Bélanger has worked on performing the self-portrait. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in Europe, Asia and North America. In Japan, her works have been exhibited in “Yokohama France Vidéo Collection 2010: Regard Étrange Étranger” at Yokohama Akarenga / Red Brick House, and in the group show ‘We don’t have to take our clothes off’’, at Geikou Shinjuku in 2014, and her first solo exhibition in Japan “Blonde Venus” has held at KEN NAKAHASHI in July 2017. She lives and works in Paris.


  • "Photomaton - 20 years of Photomaton's series" SOME/THINGS S/TUDIO, 2014

Clarisse Robin

Clarisse Robin is an artist who works with themes of taboo and wallpaper in her self-portraits, and an illustrator notably working with children books. Creating unsettling discoveries in a mundane setting while subtly conveying sexual desire on her own terms. One Cup is her first exhibition in Japan. She lives and works in Tours, France.


Cremance is a Mexican artist working with women in film, video and photography, mixing references to fairy tales, horror cinema and sexuality. His work has been shown in Europe, in China, Japan, as well as in Latin America. He lives and works in Mexico City.

Daria G. Pascalis

Daria G. Pascalis began her work as assistant to Christian Boltanski, then Annette Messager before entering the field of dance and performance, notably in Brussels, Charleroi and Lyon, with Frederique Flamand,  Lukas Hemleb , as well as with dancer-choreographer Thierry Thieu Niang in Barcelona. In recent years, she launched a series of photo performances for tight spaces called Into The Room. Originally from Rome, she lives and works in Paris.

Léa Le Bricomte

Léa Le Bricomte is emerging as one of France's most promising young artists: Her work explores themes and figures of war and conflict, which find their way in performances and photography, objects and videos, in a way that combines art history and a history of weapons and strategy. She lives and works in Paris. 

Pascal Lièvre

Pascal Lièvre is a pioneering gay/feminist artist who has worked with pop appropriation, philosophy and gender politics. His key strategy consists of using pop culture (remaking music vidéos, paintings, combining branding and philosophy) in order to introduce contemporary art to a wider audience. His performance piece 'Aérobique Philosophique' was shown at Pompidou center in 2017.

Sarisa Dhammalangka

Sarisa Dhammalangka is Thai artist who uses drawing, photography, music and video to weave socially playful and erotic diaries of living and working in Thailand’s world of contemporary culture. She lives and works in Chiang Mai.

Shelly Silver

Shelly Silver is a seminal American video artist and photographer who has been a groundbreaking figure in the questioning of narratives and how they forge identity politics.

Silver’s work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, the International Center of Photography, the Museum of Contemporary Art( Los Angeles), the Yokohama Museum of Art, the Pompidou Centre, the Kyoto National Museum.

She lives and works in NYC where she teaches at Columbia University.

Soukaina Joual

Soukaina Joual is one of the rising stars of contemporary art in Morocco. Working with performance, painting, photography and video, she confronts aesthetically and politically issues of displaying flesh, the role of meat within her own culture, as well as in provocative performance pieces with socio-political content. Her work has been shown in France, Germany, Korea, Japan. She lives and works in Fes, Morocco.

Stephen Lack

Stephen Lack is an artist and filmmaker living and working in NYC. His early films "Montreal Main" and "The Rubber Gun" explored the ambiguity of sexual relationships in the promiscuous downtown scenes of Montreal and were premiered in the New Directors programs at the Whitney Museum and MOMA NY in the '70's. After working with David Cronenberg (Scanners; Dead Ringers) he focused on painting, having over forty one man exhibitions in NYC and internationally and is one of the seminal artists of 'The East Village Scene’. His work is in many major private and public collections including Chase Manhattan Bank; RBC Dominion Securities; The Brooklyn Museum; The Ralph Lauren Family Collection, the Rubell Family Collection; the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra; and the NY Public Library Print Division among others.

Tom de Pékin

Tom de Pékin is an artist working with traditional mediums, drawing , lithograph, animation, as well as video and performance . An iconic illustrator of queer culture in France, he has published several books and designed film posters. He lives and works in Paris.

Travis Klose

Travis Klose is documentary film director and photographer. His film Arakimentari (on the life and career of Araki) has been shown around the world. The nude photographs of Travis Klose, who lives and works in Tokyo, have been shown in numerous galleries in Japan as well as in Europe. He continues to move back and forth between cinema and exhibitions.