"I am a child having sex. I'm having sex when I paint. Like a penis, I'm thrusting the tunnel of the time's mucous membranes."
Mariko Matsushita

Matchbaco is very pleased to announce “MARIKO”, the solo exhibition by Mariko Matsushita, to be held from October 9th to 31st 2015.

About Mariko Matsushita and her works

Matsushita’s paintings are filled with enigmatic, sexual nuance. Child-like figures, wearing dresses and smiling at the viewer, often appear. “For a long time, I was in a state of ‘dis-communication’; I couldn’t say that I wanted to say, couldn’t use my eyes or mouth, ” she says. However, while working on her paintings, the wall that had separated her from others changed into a tunnel.

Those who tumble, scattering mud.

Those who have something at their core that is soft to the touch.

Those who bite in the darkness.

Those who are hairy and wet, look painful as a scab.

Those who giggle, showing small teeth.

Those whose eyeballs and other body parts have come apart, granting discomfort in the self.

Her paintings lay bare that sex, love, violence and the flow of blood that hints at death itself are all facets of the same meaning in our unconscious commitments to others. Through her works, Matsushita breathes life into the desires and fragile sentiments that lie concealed within our deep subconscious.

In this exhibition, for the first time, she displays her paintings of her personal friends; not merely indulging in her own inner realm, but extending her arms to encompass these, her new “children”.

In conjunction with this exhibition matchbaco produced the exhibition catalog of the artist. “Mariko Matsushita: MARIKO” (B5 size, 50pages / full colors) limited edition of 30.