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Under the auspices of : Embassy of France/Institut français du Japon

In the span of his career, Tsuyoshi HIRANO has collaborated with numerous international brands such as Cartier and Shiseido.

In this exhibition, from his hope for the birth of new life, he will represent the universal desires of all human beings for “peace, motherhood, and love” through the theme “GRAINES”- sprouting of new life.

The Artist

Tsuyoshi Hirano

Born in 1968. Works in Tokyo, Paris and New York.

Hirano grew up under the influence French culture – Jean Cocteau, “Le Petit Prince”

At his age 24 he moved into France, and then in 1995 his drawings were featured in Le Monde. Since then he started to work with LANCÔME, Cartier, CELINE, BADOIT, LE MONDE, FIGARO, VOGUE in France, and with Shiseido, shu uemura, ISSEY MIYAKE in Japan. His works and designs were featured on the product packages.

Since 2007 he has been based in Tokyo. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami of March11, 2011, he has been focusing on “Visualizing imaginary things between dreams and imagination, a new human morality and reality”