KEN NAKAHASHI is very pleased to announce “MEYOU”, the third solo show by Shinji Ihara, to be held from October 19 (Fri) until November 10 (Sat), 2018.

What others do looking at and how they live? How the world can be opening up if we can see what we cannot to see?

Shinji Ihara gazes at the men’s imagery, looks at his close friends, loved ones, and self existing in the relationship with others. The feeling of loneliness from the society and the community that he felt as being minority, and the wish to connect with others, is the root of his creation.

His recent works MEYOU series attempts to bring the closer distance between self ‘ME’ and others ‘YOU’, through the random exchange of message and portrait pictures with anonymous people on SNS. He reconstructs those experiences: new discoveries, changes, shared thoughts and perspectives, into remarkable paintings.

In the society with diverse value and systems where we live, how do we connect with others, and what separates us? Ihara gently gazes at the self existence in the various cultures and the histories, in the world what ones draws and in the relationship with others.

The Artist

Shinji Ihara


Born 1987 in Fukuoka prefecture. Ihara obtained M.F.A. in Oil Painting Materials and Techniques at Tokyo National University of the Arts in 2012. He is currently based in Hiroshima. 

Ihara has had three major series of works so far. The LIFE series include portraits of himself and people in his life, the MATSURI series feature his hometown Fukuoka's feisty festival, the 'Hakata Gion Yamakasa', and the S series portrays painter Atsushi Suwa.

His major exhibition includes "FAUSS" (3331 Arts Chiyoda/Tokyo 2018), and 2 solo exhibitions at former matchbaco, "Hakata Gion Yamakasa Otoko E-zu" (2016), and "RENDEZVOUS" (2015).

His works are already incorporated by the Hiroshima City University Museum and the Luciano Benetton Imago Mundi Collection.


  • "RENDEZVOUS" published by matchbaco, 2015