The word “drowning” in the title of this exhibition is always connected with water. People drown in water. Mist is tiny droplets suspended in air; compared to water, it’s a faint, ephemeral thing. However, even in mist there are those who suffer, rendered unable to breathe. It’s likely that some will call them weak; some will call them beaten dogs; losers. Gentle people with sensitive hearts are always used and wounded by the arrogance of others. They live constantly standing on tip-toes, their shoulders hunched. Why is it that nobody turns their eyes to the beauty and tenderness in such people’s hearts?
Why is it that everybody scorns their sincere distress, and looks away from their suffering figures? I once walked a path lost in mist; drowning in the mist. Face down and weeping, I walked. As I paint, I walk the path of that memory.
From the bottom of my heart,
I hope that a clear day will come for those enshrouded by the mist. ー Takayuki Nomura