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The Artist

Mihoko Ogaki


Born 1973 in Toyama prefecture. 

1995 Graduated Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts with a major in oil painting. 2004 Graduated from the German National Kunstakademie Dusselfdorf. 

Sculptures, installations, and drawings on the themes of “life” and “death” have been shown both in Japan and abroad. Ogaki’s works show dynamic and magnificent expressions with concepts of death and age.

The Milky Way series is created so that light shines through holes drilled in the shape of an elderly person. Dismantling a Mercedes-Benz and decorating the parts with countless beads, before the beginning - after the end is displayed in a way in which the viewer lays down as a “corpse” in a palace-type hearse once used in Japan.


  • "Mihoko Ogaki WHO" Published/Edited/Designed by Shuji Sugihara, 2013