Masaharu Sato

Night Sky

by Masaharu Sato

2018 [Size] 84.1 x 59.4 cm
Acrylic On Board [Private Collection]
In this work, I painted the night sky I saw from the upstairs bedroom window.
 I had felt anxiety ever since I started chemo therapy, and often couldn’t go to sleep even when I was taking sleeping pills. What I would do was to look up the night sky and calm myself before I going back to bed. 
However, I did not see much stars despite the rural area I live in, only the moon and a few bright ones. Still though, while I was gazing, I would see the lights of airplanes passing by once in a while. I used to go abroad often until five years ago, when I became sick and stopped using them. 
Somehow, it makes me feel easier watching this moving vehicle carrying many people even through the night.
 Someday when I get better, I’d like to be the one to glance down upon the city at night. [佐藤雅晴 Masaharu Sato]