N’ SYNCH: A series of video and media art programs at KEN NAKAHASHI, curated and presented by Stephen Sarrazin.

KEN NAKAHASHI has conceived exhibitions by artists working with painting, photography, sculpture. The space is about synergy, between ideas and mediums who engage in a dialogue between the works and with the audience. A dialogue about concept, theme, technique.

Video and media art also take part in this discussion. Starting on January 7th 2017, the gallery will host a series of screenings that will close exhibitions. Each screening will connect with the theme of the exhibition.

The first screening: War Pigs

Star Child, a solo exhibition by Yukimasa Ida was held from November 25 (Fri) until December 24 (Sat), 2016 at KEN NAKAHASHI.

In March 2016, Ida’s works were exhibited at VOCA 2016. In May, he received the Nawa Kohei Prize at the 3rd annual CAF Art Award 2016.

Star Child comprised Ida’s latest works conceived in New York last fall, as well as the latest painting of a group of soldiers inspired from an old photograph and a painting of pigs casting a shadow on the existence of humans. Ida, who usually confronts the memories of “Ichigo-Ichie” and “Love”, portraying the fleeting, chance encounter of people that surround him in the present moment, faced the ultimate question of “War” and “Death” in Star Child.

On January 7th, Stephen Sarrazin will be showing videos by two major historical figures: German artist Klaus Vom Bruch and American artist John Sanborn. KVB has worked explicitly with war imagery and montage since the late seventies. Trained by John Baldessari, KVB also uses performance and his body as a humanizing presence in his work. Excerpts from his tapes Das Propellers Band and 1000 Kussen will be shown. John Sanborn is a key figure of the second wave of American video artists that included Bill Viola, Gary Hill and Dara Birnbaum. His groundbreaking use of music, choreography and editing has allowed him to collaborate with major composers and dancers who appear in his videos and installations. An excerpt from his seminal collaboration with composer Robert Ashley, Perfect Lives, will be shown for the first time in Tokyo in over 30 years.


Title: N’ SYNCH
Period: 2017.01.07 (Sat)
Hours: 17:30 - 18:30
Venue: KEN NAKAHASHI (5F, No.2 Shinjuku Bldg., 3-1-32, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022 Japan)