Star Tale Group Show
2017-01-13 – 2017-02-04

Yukimasa Ida Shinji Ihara Yasushi Ebihara Erik Swars Mihoko Ogaki Sabrina Horak Cendrillon Belanger Kuta Takashima Mariko Matsushita Ren Hang

Star tales

Vernissage 2017-01-13   1800 – 2100

Star tales

KEN NAKAHASHI is pleased to announce “Star Tale”, a group exhibition featuring 10 gallery artists, to be held from January 13 (Fri) until February 4th (Sat), 2017.

Participating artists:

Yukimasa Ida, Shinji Ihara, Yasushi Ebihara, Erik Swars, Mihoko Ogaki, Sabrina Horak, Cendrillon Belanger, Kuta Takashima, Mariko Matsushita, Ren Hang

Exhibiting Artists

Yukimasa Ida

Born 1990 in Tottori prefecture.

Ida obtained a B.F.A. in oil painting from Tokyo National University of the Arts in 2016. In March 2016, his works were exhibited at “VOCA 2016”. In May, he received the Nawa Kohei Prize at the 3rd annual CAF Art Award organized by the Contemporary Art Foundation.

In December he held a solo exhibition “Star Child” at KEN NAKAHASHI, the first show since the gallery’s change of name and displayed the paintings he worked on in New York last Fall.   Ida’s work focuses on the memories of “Ichigo-Ichie”, portraying the fleeting, chance encounter of people that surround him in the present moment, and the artist’s self-imagined backdrop. Titled The End of Today series, these works are painted in a day, while his brush is still driven by initial impulse.

Also, by depicting pigs and horses as a projection of human existence, he explores the depth of people, and converts this into an image in between abstract and concrete, reaching out to the existence of the subject itself.

Shinji Ihara

Born 1987 in Fukuoka prefecture. Ihara obtained M.F.A. in Oil Painting Materials and Techniques at Tokyo National University of the Arts in 2012. He is currently based in Hiroshima prefecture. 

His major solo exhibition at former matchbaco, “RENDEZVOUS” (December, 2015) and “Hakata Gion Yamakasa Otoko E-zu” (July - August, 2016) last year, are still fresh in memory.

His works are already incorporated by the Hiroshima City University Museum and the Luciano Benetton Imago Mundi Collection.

Featuring primarily male figures, Shinji Ihara looks to his close friends, his loved ones, and himself, exploring how one exist in relationship to others. Titillating and drawing the viewer into solitude and an inner esoteric world, his paintings hold a unique fixation; as a viewer, one is confronted with disquieting palpitations within our innermost primeval selves.

Ihara has had three major series of works so far. The MATSURI series feature his hometown Fukuoka’s feisty festival, the “Hakata Gion Yamakasa”. The LIFE series include portraits of himself and people in his life, while the S series portrays painter Atsushi Suwa.

In the group show “Star Tale”, a new painting from the LIFE series will be comprised.

Yasushi Ebihara

Born 1976 in Ibaragi prefecture.

2001 M.F.A. Tokyo National University of the Arts.

Ebihara’s works range from the LUST series paintings of entwined hair, the dress series paintings of gorgeous couture items, to the exploration of single movie scenes in the NOISE series, and the Macaulay Culkin series, a symbolic child actor lost in existence.

Often inspired by small excerpts of contemporary film, his work draws attention to the fleeting beauty and tragic sentiments of existences that are exhausted by consumerism and faded away from our memories in the flow of time.

Taut and suspenseful, Ebihara’s oil paintings feature layer upon layer of delicate brushwork, while he works with sculpture, photography and performance as well. Through these various mediums, he revives the disappearing at the place of art.

In June 2017, KEN NAKAHASHI is hosting a solo exhibition featuring his latest Macaulay Culkin: Tarot Cards series. 

Erik Swars

Born 1988 in Leipzig,Germany. 

Graduated 2016 from Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle. Studied under Jochen Plogsties.

Mihoko Ogaki

Born 1973 in Toyama prefecture. 

1995 Graduated Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts with a major in oil painting. 2004 Graduated from the German National Kunstakademie Dusselfdorf. 

Sculptures, installations, and drawings on the themes of “life” and “death” have been shown both in Japan and abroad. Ogaki’s works show dynamic and magnificent expressions with concepts of death and age.

The Milky Way series is created so that light shines through holes drilled in the shape of an elderly person. Dismantling a Mercedes-Benz and decorating the parts with countless beads, before the beginning - after the end is displayed in a way in which the viewer lays down as a “corpse” in a palace-type hearse once used in Japan.

In Star Tale, a series drawing innumerable dots to cover the screen, Ogaki uses her own body as a motif to reconfirm the feeling of being alive and the thought of death. 

In the exhibition, “Star Tale”, her drawing series will be comprised. KEN NAKAHASHI will also host the first solo exhibition in April 2017, displaying new works from the Milky Way series.

Sabrina Horak

Sabrina Horak, who grew up in between the cultures of Japan and Austria, creates  mandala-like partially three dimensional compositions, through which she explores the relationship between the man-made “utopia” that arise from urban life, and the people who live within these artificial constructs.

Separated human limbs are reconstructed into an unfamiliar form, in which Horak carefully cuts out from wood. In addition, She applies luminescent colours that make the overall form look as if it is a floating organ.

Born 1983 in Austria. Lives and works in Tokyo.

2007 MFA Painting class w/ Hubert Schmalix and Amelie von Wulffen, Academy of fine arts Vienna.

2014- Doctoral Course Oil Painting at Tokyo University of Arts.

Cendrillon Belanger

Born 1972 in Montreal and moved to Paris in 1990. She studied sculpture and multimedia at L’Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris with Tony Brown and Jean-Luc Vilmouth.

Lives and works in Paris. Her work combines photography, video, and performance, in which she deconstructs the concept of nude and self portrait. She achieves this through fragmentation, parody, and seduction: a process of locating an image within an absence of identity.

Her work has been exhibited in Europe, Asia, and North America.

This exhibition will introduce the ‘PHOTOMATON’ series, nude photos taken in an ID photo booth.

KEN NAKAHASHI will hold her solo exhibit in summer 2017, curated by Ken Nakahashi and Stephen Serrazin, a professor of film and media art, a critic, and a curator, working in Tokyo and Paris.

Kuta Takashima

Born 1988 in Yamanashi prefecture. Lives and works in Tokyo.

2011 B.F.A. in Art Management at University of Yamanashi.

Kuta Takashima received an Honorable Mention Award in Canon New Cosmos of Photography in 2012, and in 2016 at the same award he got an Excellence Award (Selected by Hiraki Sawa).

Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts has selected Takashima’s works as part of its “Young Portfolio” in 2014 and in 2016.

Takashima fuses numerous images through digital processing, as then a mysterious space unfolds before the viewer. 

Mariko Matsushita

Born 1980 in Osaka prefecture. Matsushita obtained a B.F.A in oil painting from Kyoto City University of the Arts in 2004. 

Her solo show has been held twice at our gallery, “MARIKO” in October 2015 and “id” in October 2016.

She confronts with human “Sex” and “Death”. Primarily paintings, her works has a touch of fleshy carnal existence and a unique sense of colors. 

Matsushita was capped the best award for the second annual CAF ARTIST AWARD (CAFAA) 2016, organized by the Contemporary Art Foundation, and lives in Tokyo.

She is scheduled to move to London from July 2017, for a three months residence program at the Delfina Foundation in London.

Her new work will be comprised in the group exhibition “Star Tale”.

Ren Hang

Born 1987 in Changchun, Jilin Province, China, Ren Hang is now based in Beijing and widely regarded as one of China’s top young contemporary photographers, mostly taking pictures of friends in the nude at a time when “sex”continues to be taboo in China.

Not only are his colours captivatingly vivid, they are poetic and a lyrical sensation with young men and women posing as if veritably sculptured.

He has held numerous exhibitions in several world capital cities, such as Beijing, Paris, NY and Tokyo and also participated in international art fairs on numerous occasions; Paris Photo and Photo Basel. In 2010, he won the Italy third TERNA Prize for Contemporary Art.

In 2011 he self-published the photo books “REN HANG 2009-2011” and “ROOM”. Since then, he has also published a great number of notable books.

His works are already incorporated into the public collections of several museums; Multimedia Art Museum in Russia, CAFA Art Museum in China, Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas, US, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in China and the White Rabbit Contemporary Chinese Art Collection in Australia.